Milan Design Week

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Marzo 20, 2013
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Milan Design Week

Come sapete Bonucchi e associati srl è sempre più internazionale 🙂 e anche chi fa lo stage da noi viene da altri paesi del mondo.

Natalia Lleras arriva dalla Colombia e sta frequentando Erasmus Mundus Master in City Regeneration, con noi sta seguendo un progetto sulle Smart City, ma fra qualche giorno partirà per un periodo di due mesi per l’India. Ci vuole salutare con la sua visione del Fuori Salone:

This year Milan’s design week was celebrated from the 8th to the 14 of April, an international event characterized for two main events: Salone del Mobile and Fuori Salone.

DSC_0813_3083Salone del Mobile was first organized in Milan back in 1961. Its purpose was to exhibit the quality of Italian furniture and promote its exportation. By 1967, the fair held its first international exhibition, becoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile, an opportunity for anyone in the furniture field to show the latest trends in the field. Since 2005 the even has been held in one of the largest exhibition centers in the world, an event that, since its beginning, has been characterized for been in-doors.


DSC_0546_2821Fuorisalone is an event held during the week of Salone del Mobile, and just as Salone del Mobile, it exhibits furniture. However, both events differ in three aspects. The first one is location, Fuorisalone is considered to be more spontaneous. There is no specific place for the events, they are held in different neighborhoods around the entire city of Milan.  Fuorisalone divides Milan by areas, and since events change its location every year, visitors are guided with a map that tells them where to find the events inside each neighborhood.

The second aspect is ambiance, while Salone del Mobile is more commercial, Fuorisalone is informal. Salone is known for having companies exhibit their work, while Fuorisalone is known for having a mix of companies, small studios, artists and even students. In addition, Fuorisalone does not count with a central entity organizing the event. Companies are free to participate by realizing an event in one of the designated areas inside the city, and as visitor you get the opportunity to walk around a neighborhoods and surprise yourself discovering events (if you don’t always carry the map.)


The third aspect is design. Don’t get me wrong, they both exhibit amazing pieces of industrial design, show casing some of the best interior designers, but Salone del Mobile is a mix of all types of design. Besides the furniture pieces most exhibition spaces were designed from head to toe, from graphic design and interior design to the the right size of rugs, no detail was left behind. Each both had its own theme, typography, shape, lighting, and texture. At times you will find yourself stepping into both just to get a feeling of that small little world.

In conclusion, Milan Design Week is a paradise for designers. You will get the chance to see the latest trends on the field, amaze yourself with the creativity of each design, and fall in love with the incredible mixes of textures, colors, materials, styles and shapes.