Our project: Enterprise

We cater for our clients’ needs in the areas of marketing, enterprise creation and management related issue, including appropriate training support to the owners and their staff.

It very often happens that the strategic value and the business opportunities offered by a correct marketing planning are overlooked. We strongly believe that each and every company, be it small or large, can always improve its market enterprise relationship.

Bonucchi e associati  offers a sound, effective approach to marketing planning,  needed by many enterprises, including the small and medium sized ones and also those operating in the services or in the industrial sector.

“Progetto Impresa” aims to provide a marketing-oriented strategy to its clients, avoiding however adding an extra burden on their permanent structure.

All our projects are objective-oriented and should fit in with the core of each company’s competencies, while flexibility is our major value-added component.

Depending on the clients’ requirements, our intervention may develop from mere strategic consultancy to a steady involvement in the company’s management.